3 Things You Can Do to Help Your 4-10 Year Old Be a Confident Public Speaker

Every time you are in a store, have your child ask a store clerk where something is located. Always have your child order his/her own food at restaurants. Never answer a question posed to your child for him/her. Sit comfortably in the silence for a moment. If s/he still does not answer, simply state: "Mr. Jones [...]

What is Education?

  Or maybe the more important question is what should education be?   Historically, the sole purpose of education was to transfer academic content as efficiently as possible, without much regard for the aspects of the student's social, emotional and character development.   But I think most of us would agree from our school experiences, [...]

Some Takeaways and Parent Feedback from John Rosemond’s Talk

Takeaways from John's Rosemond's Talk Parenting must be done with a balance of love and leadership. If the parenting approach is disproportionately love, it becomes enabling. If the approach is disproportionately leadership, it becomes abusive. Have a long-term (as opposed to short-sighted) vision of the adult you want your child to be. What kind of 30 year [...]

The Parenting Leadership Class is Back! + 3 Things We Learned from Feedback

Due to popular demand, Michele and Jim Aspinall are bringing back the Leadership Parenting class! Take a moment to read the feedback to find out why. The next sessions will be offered on May 7th, 14th, and 21st. Contact Francesca to sign up. Babysitting is available. 1. Parents are Benefitting from the Classes I am so [...]