The profile of an ideal family for Countryside:

Parents that want:

  • To partner with a school to help students develop respect, responsibility and resourcefulness.
  • An educational experience that provides academic rigor and allows children to work at an individual pace that matches their ability.
  • An educational experience that allows students to construct their knowledge rather than simply receive it.
  • An educational experience that provides opportunities for students to teach and learn from one another.

CDS is looking for parents:

  • Who share our vision of how children grow into mature young citizens ready to make a positive contribution to society.
  • Who are ready to do the hard but rewarding work of parenting by:
    • Giving children responsibilities in their homes
    • Setting clear limits for their children
    • Modeling good behavior
    • Understanding that children are accountable for their actions or inactions
  • Who see the time of childhood as a period during which they can aid the child on the path to adulthood by embracing success, happiness, struggles, challenges, and failures as opportunities to develop mature and strong character.
  • Who understand and accept that part of their partnership with the school requires attendance at school functions (social and educational), classroom visits, and attendance at two parent conferences.