4 Things a Neuropsychologist says about Montessori

4 Takeaways from a Neuroscientist's Perspective on Montessori We've extracted some interesting quotes from Dr. Hughes about how the Montessori method is strikingly aligned with what neuroscientists know about brain development. Disclaimer:  While Dr. Hughes is not a Montessori practitioner, he is uniquely positioned to have an opinion on Montessori. You can read the full [...]

The Resourceful Child: More Insights from the Aspinall’s Leadership Parenting Class

(based on Work from Author and Psychologist, John Rosemond) Good Character is learned in the home first and foremost. The three R’s of good citizenship--Respect, Responsibility and Resourcefulness--are the bedrock of good character. A solid moral and ethical foundation supports the development of compassion, integrity, commitment, selflessness, and all of the other attributes that constitute [...]

The Trouble with College

(by Head of School, Wendy Calise)   Last week on Thursday and Friday, 12 of our CDS faculty and staff attended the National Association of Independent Schools' Annual Conference. As is always the case, it was a star-studded cast, and I could go on for pages about all that we learned.   But instead, I [...]