Student Outcomes

Alumni Perspective

We feel that one of the most meaningful ways for you to know about the outcomes of a CDS education is to hear it from our graduates themselves. Here are the 5 prominent aspects of a CDS graduate’s outcomes we’ve observed, summarized by the acronym PRIME.

  • P: The profile of a CDS graduate.
  • R: The real-world vision of a CDS graduate.
  • I: The impact CDS has had on a graduate.
  • M: The enduring significance of CDS’ mission to a graduate.
  • E: The CDS experience.

What are CDS graduates doing now?

Elizabeth Shank is currently attending the University of Wisconsin Madison and is majoring in Biology. She recently made the transfer to Madison after attending Indiana University, where she was a part of the American Medical Women Association, which was a pre-med health group. She is currently volunteering her time with a 16-year-old girl with cerebral palsy.

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What is important to CDS graduates?

Dante: I feel that school should include not only academics, but also social education that promotes mutual culture acceptance from all nations. I think it’s important that education should go beyond academics and not necessarily tell people how to act or call for conformity but to help the individual and at the same time to show an acceptance of other cultures, views and beliefs.

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What habits, skills, and character qualities do graduates trace directly back to their time at CDS?

Peter: No program, no clubs, no organizations I’ve ever been a part of, and I’ve been a part of many, none of them has ever taught me anything close to what Countryside has.

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How does the CDS Mission (Respect, Responsibility and Resourcefulness) still guide its graduates?

Maria: With me it’s always been respect, because I think if you have respect for something then everything else will pan out; if you are respectful to teachers, you will have the same reaction that you’re giving; if you respect yourself, your peers, other people, that’s all that people want. In the workforce especially, if you can’t respect your job, your boss, it’s not going to get you anywhere. Respect is definitely one of the biggest Rs.

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What defines the CDS experience?

Beckett: Countryside increased my personal initiative on so many levels. I feel like without CDS I wouldn’t just feel motivated to push through some of the more difficult topics that I’m learning in school. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. I think that all of the CDS graduates are tough, and they are the people who know how to keep going when things aren’t going your way.

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