Countryside Day: Parent Perspective 

When parents are deciding where their children will attend school, their most trusted source for information is usually other parents. Because it is one of the most important decisions a parent will ever make, having a wide range of perspectives is essential to making an informed decision. There are many factors in choosing the best school for your children. Among them are a strong mission, dedicated faculty, and a program designed to guide children while they grow independently. Parents commonly ask the following questions when looking for the right school: 

  • How good is the school’s reputation, according to other parents?
  • Does it offer the level of experience it suggests on its website?
  • Does the school represent itself accurately during interviews and tours?
  • How well do students transition in and out of the school?
  • Is the investment in an independent school worth the cost?
  • Do students at independent schools score well on standardized tests?
  • Why would I choose an independent school when I live in an area with such well- regarded public schools?

With these questions in mind, see what current and former CDS parents have to say about their experiences at Countryside Day. For more specific questions and information about the CDS experience, visit our FAQs or Schedule your free parents information session and get answers to your questions from Director Karen.


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