Tom & Andrea Hawes

Testimonials of Tom and Andrea Hawes about CDS Wilmette, IL Managing Director, Sandbox Industries  We struggled with the decision to move our children from our local public school to a more dynamic setting. While our public school did an excellent job in many respects, we felt that our children were not realizing their full potential [...]

Bobbi Ann Fulk

Bobbi Ann Fulk Parent Testimonial Des Plaines, IL At the end of sixth grade, Renata was starting to develop a good sense of who she wanted to be, but it wasn’t fully formed nor focused. By having an opportunity to stay at CDS for Middle School, she was able to continue to nurture that [...]

Jamie Thorsen

Jamie Thorsen Parent Testimonial Winnetka, IL Global Head of Foreign Exchange Products and China Capital Markets, BMO Capital Markets Dear Wendy, Alumni Perspective Parent Perspective Outcome Data

Linda Horwitz

Linda Horwitz Parent Testimonial Northbrook, IL Co-Owner, Be.Ology   Our daughter, Madison (Maddi), is in 8th grade at CDS.  Maddi had been in the public school setting until 7th grade.  She and our family made the incredibly difficult decision to move her and give her one year of the Montessori experience. As Maddi was [...]

Stella Ullmann

Stella Ullmann Parent Testimonial Deerfield, IL Dentist, The Dental Professionals My husband and I have been extremely fortunate that our children are able to attend CDS. The curriculum along with the great staff have provided them with an environment which promotes the highest standards of education as reflected by their enthusiasm of their school [...]

Lauren MacBlane

Lauren MacBlane Parent Testimonial Glenview, IL West IP Communications   My children attend Countryside for so many reasons but there are two that drew me to the school four years ago when they were three. First, the school's goal of teaching my twins to be resourceful, responsible and respectful. Second, the passionate commitment of [...]