Myth #5 Good Parents Prevent Failure

The last part to our good parent mythology series ends with these last 4 points about preventing your child's failures: Good parents frequently intervene on behalf of their children Good parents prevent failure Good parents do not allow suffering Good parents never allow their children to get hurt Good parents frequently intervene on behalf of [...]

Myth #4 Good Parents Ensure their Kids Success

Continuing our series of good parenting mythology here are 3 more points... Myth #4 Good Parents Ensure their Kids Success  Good parents send their children to lots of classes that develop skills that will look great on their resumes The more you do for your children, the better prepared for their future they are Your [...]

Myth #2 Good Parents Experience Nothing But Joy

As we pointed out in the introduction to this series, educators and parents alike have seen troubling developments in parenting and raising a child. One set of lies the parenting mythology provides has to do with the joy, fun and attention parents often give to their children. Parenting is constant joy is a misconception. Our advice: stop looking at [...]

Five “Good Parent” Myths We All Believe

For years educators have been asking, why are children behaving as they are? Why don’t they want to do anything? Why can’t they complete a task independently? Why do they seem so…impaired? Few people are talking about the parenting mythology with the urgency of a true crisis. Myth #1: A Good Parent is an Entertainer Good [...]

The World Peace Game at Countryside is in the Northbrook Tower!

Read all about it! Last week, the Northbrook Tower covered our hosting of John Hunter and the World Peace Game. You can read the article that was published yesterday in the Northbrook Tower by clicking the image below. Also see our Facebook Album for more Photos of the World Peace Game in Progress! John Hunter's [...]

Get Live Updates on John Hunter & the World Peace Game at Countryside!

Bookmark this page to Follow Mr. Hunter and the World Peace Game at CDS! John Hunter, an internationally known educator and speaker who has touched the lives of thousands of teachers and students with his World Peace Game, is here at Countryside facilitating the game with CDS 4th to 6th graders. Look below for photos showing the [...]