3 Things You Can Do to Help Your 4-10 Year Old Be a Confident Public Speaker

Every time you are in a store, have your child ask a store clerk where something is located. Always have your child order his/her own food at restaurants. Never answer a question posed to your child for him/her. Sit comfortably in the silence for a moment. If s/he still does not answer, simply state: "Mr. Jones [...]

Laurie Ewert-Krocker on Adolescent Development: Review and Resources

1. Prepare for Adolescence Some of our children are already adolescents; others are well on their way. Last night, Laurie Ewert-Krocker's talk for Middle School Parent Education was aimed at informing and empowering parents to walk with their children down this road. The key for parents is being prepared to support the critical stage of adolescence, [...]