Head of School Wendy Calise

Wendy Calise

Head of School

Greetings from the
Head of School

“ At Countryside, students experience an education that ignites their curiosity, challenges their intellect, and builds their character.”

Why is education important and what should it accomplish in the 21st century?

It should certainly start with a rigorous academic curriculum. But no longer does the teacher need to be at the front of the classroom lecturing while students passively receive content.

We have a broader definition of education, with more complex goals. At Countryside, education offers each student the opportunity to learn academic content at a pace that matches his unique potential. Rather than applying a random window of time to teach a concept, each student works on a concept only as long as he needs to in order to learn it, and then moves on. She can work at two times the traditional pace or ten times. Or she can take a little extra time to master something she didn’t quite get the first time around. Our education is truly individualized, supported by powerful student-teacher relationships.

And while individualized curriculum is exciting and inspiring, it is only the beginning. At Countryside, education also develops skills needed to build a life: agency, initiative, communication, collaboration, empathy, respect, responsibility, resourcefulness, and accountability. Education should do more than offer rigorous academic content with a side dish of character curriculum.

At Countryside, we have blended these two educational aspirations: applying a genuinely individualized approach that allows for optimal learning and creating living classroom communities that inspire students to grow the essential competencies that will be indispensable in the future.

Whether your child is 16 months or fourteen years old, they are living the joy and challenges of growing up. The right education will play a critical role. By the time a young person is into their adolescent years, the qualities of character are already deeply entrenched. The investment in early education is one whose dividends are inestimable.

At Countryside we have moved beyond the goal of great students; we have our sights set on exceptional adults.

Come and see what education can be.

Get the bigger picture.
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Our admissions director Karen is ready to schedule your tour and a class observation. Countryside offers open enrollment. Families can apply for admission any time of year.

Countryside Programs

We offer a continuous program from 16 months through 8th grade — inculding an all year program option for Pre-K/K and elementary school. LEARN MORE

TODDLER — Ages 16 mos.-3yrs

PRE-K/K — Ages 3-6

LOWER ELEMENTARY — Ages 6-9, Grades 1-3

UPPER ELEMENTARY — Ages 9-12, Grades 4-6

SUMMER PROGRAMS — Ages 16 mos.-12 yrs., Toddler-Grade 6

ALL YEAR FULL DAY — Ages 3-12, Grades Pre-K/K-Grade 6