Curriculum Extensions



The acquisition of a second language is a competency to which CDS is strongly committed. Our focus is on conversational Spanish, so our Spanish teachers speak only in Spanish to our students. The only time a person can acquire a second language as a native speaker is early in life. Learning Spanish begins in the Toddler class where one of the teachers speaks only Spanish. In the Pre-K/K classes our full-time Spanish teacher visits every class every day. This continues the Elementary Level where we also have a Spanish teacher who works with elementary students every day. 

Fine & Applied Arts and Music

Art and music are an integral part of our students’ experience. In the Toddler and Pre-K/K classes, classroom teachers teach both art and music. In the elementary class, our art teacher teaches students twice weekly, helping students master the use of various media so they in turn can teach others in the class. Students most often are creating artwork that reflects subjects they have been learning in the classic subjects areas.

Countryside has a Music Director who works with all of the teachers to help them continue to develop their skills as music teachers in their classrooms. The elementary students perform an annual Winter Concert and an Annual Children’s Opera. 


Physical Education

Physical Education is an integral part of the CDS daily experience. Students in the Toddler, Pre-K/K, and Elementary classes have physical education every day. At the younger ages, the focus is on the individual development of physical skills and strength. The Elementary students begin work on sports skills, eventually working toward actual game situations where they learn the rules of particular sports, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Countryside Programs

We offer a continuous program from 16 months through 8th grade — inculding an all year program option for Pre-K/K and elementary school. LEARN MORE

TODDLER — Ages 16 mos.-3yrs

PRE-K/K — Ages 3-6

LOWER ELEMENTARY — Ages 6-9, Grades 1-3

UPPER ELEMENTARY — Ages 9-12, Grades 4-6

SUMMER PROGRAMS — Ages 16 mos.-12 yrs., Toddler-Grade 6

ALL YEAR FULL DAY — Ages 3-12, Grades Pre-K/K-Grade 6

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