Our Mission

The mission of Countryside Day School is to provide an education that assists students in developing the qualities of Respect, Responsibility, and Resourcefulness so they become great students and exceptional adults.


School-Parent Partnership

Our Commitment to you:
We get to know all children individually, learning their passions, strengths, and challenges (RESPECT)

We inspire children to be active contributors in their classrooms and hold them accountable so they know how important they are to the community (RESPONSIBILITY)

We seek opportunities for students to experience the joy and reward of working on difficult tasks and learning academic concepts requiring perseverance in order to succeed (RESOURCEFULNESS)

Your Commitment to the School:
Help your children thrive by establishing limits that enable them to become successful members of society (RESPECT)

Inspire your children to be active contributors in their homes so they know how important they are to the family community (RESPONSIBILITY)

Collaborate with CDS faculty working together to overcome and see obstacles as opportunities to share your most important values with your children (RESOURCEFULNESS)


Our classrooms are carefully prepared by Montessori teachers to provide activities for your child at each developmental level. We follow the Montessori philosophy of learning, as taught by Dr. Maria Montessori. A classroom experience at CDS is an “internship to adulthood” that will encourage your child to become more than a great student but also an exceptional adult with a strong sense of agency and empathy. This is accomplished by:


Providing classrooms that closely resemble real life with collaborative work, mixed age groups, opportunities for failure and repetition to achieve earned success, real challenges to overcome, accountability for choices and time management, student teaching and mentoring, self-directed learning, and important activities that contribute to the well being of the community.


Allowing your child to experience the excitement of learning based on his/her interests.


Providing curriculum that places a strong emphasis on academic rigor.


Countryside Programs

We offer a continuous program from 16 months through 8th grade — inculding an all year program option for Pre-K/K and elementary school. LEARN MORE

TODDLER — Ages 16 mos.-3yrs

PRE-K/K — Ages 3-6

LOWER ELEMENTARY — Ages 6-9, Grades 1-3

UPPER ELEMENTARY — Ages 9-12, Grades 4-6

SUMMER PROGRAMS — Ages 16 mos.-12 yrs., Toddler-Grade 6

ALL YEAR FULL DAY — Ages 3-12, Grades Pre-K/K-Grade 6

Get the bigger picture. Come visit our beautiful campus.

Our admissions director Karen is ready to schedule your tour and a class observation. Countryside offers open enrollment. Families can apply for admission any time of year. LEARN MORE

Campus of countryside day school