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Laurie Ewert-Krocker on Adolescent Development: Review and Resources

September 24th, 2014
1. Prepare for Adolescence Some of our children are already adolescents; others are well on their way. Last night, Laurie Ewert-Krocker's talk for Middle School Parent Education was aimed at informing and empowering parents to walk with their children down this road. The key for parents is being prepared to support the critical stage of adolescence, when the brain is radically rewiring itself, when the child's urge to make meaningful contributions outside his familiar circles intensifies,... READ MORE

The Little Leagues: 3 Important Lessons

September 22nd, 2014
Little league coaches and parents are notorious blowhards. The vast majority of young people who eagerly join youth sports leagues in kindergarten will quit before middle school. Some discover their talents are not in athletics, but many kids are so beaten-down and discouraged by the elitist competition and the relentless barrage of criticism, they give up on sports all together.   It’s a dirty, crying shame. Not all young people are athletically inclined, but they... READ MORE

Can Your Children Really Love School?

September 16th, 2014
The answer is yes… depending on the school. One of the most difficult times educationally and socially for students is Middle School. The ever-present, life-draining, engagement-sapping question of, "Why do we have to learn this stuff?" is what will make or break a class for adolescent students. And so will a teacher who cares about the answer. At Countryside, connecting learning to life is a part of every day. I am incorporating math in shop... READ MORE

Learn to Concentrate; Learn to Love

September 12th, 2014
Work and Concentration Healthy adults are a diverse population, outstandingly different in our goals and intentions.  The legendary psychologist Erik Erikson noted that most healthy people mature in predictable phases.  He also pointed out that all healthy people have two things in common: we engage in constructive work and we invest in love. Maria Montessori used different terms to describe the growth of children, but her message was essentially the same.  She noticed that when... READ MORE

Transition, Growth, and Charlotte’s Web

September 5th, 2014
Reading Charlotte’s Web In a week or maybe two, my husband will finish reading Charlotte’s Web for the fourth time, the first time when he was a child, and once for each of our three children. My husband has a low, mumbly voice, and he is often very tired when he sits down in his rocking chair to read at night, but we cherish every word he reads.  Our children greet Wilbur and Charlotte every... READ MORE

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