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What Do Shopping for Schools and Shopping for Shoes Have in Common?

February 17th, 2015
So, I am looking for new shoes. Here is what I want: Black Two inches high Wedge heels With a strap Leather Open toe Dressy And I want them by Friday. Answer: No Problem! We expect what we purchase to be tailored to our particular specifications. There is almost nothing we can't find, nothing we can't ask, and nothing we can't get delivered.   In this day and age, why can't school deliver my order... READ MORE

The Responsible Child: More Insights from the Aspinall’s Parenting Class

February 17th, 2015
(based on Work from Author and Psychologist, John Rosemond) It is a simple matter to discipline a child who is paying attention to you and almost impossible to discipline a child who is not. The more attention you pay a child, the less attention the child will pay to you. We've seen that parenting is about leadership and having a more active relationship with your spouse than with your child. You need to put yourself... READ MORE

Creating Child-Raising Circumstances: 3 More Insights from the Aspinall’s Parenting Class

February 10th, 2015
(based on Work with Author and Psychologist, John Rosemond) “Dear Abby”--opens the letter written by the stressed parent in the advice column. “We’ve tried everything, but our child’s behavior just won’t change.” So, Abby suggests a new parenting strategy, and we imagine a halo-crowned child and relieved parent living happily ever after. But when the dream-clouds dissipate, the child’s behavior actually hasn’t changed--because the best parenting advice begins not with some new technique--but with the... READ MORE

Parent-leadership: 3 Insights from the Aspinalls’ Parenting Class

February 3rd, 2015
(based on Work from Author and Psychologist, John Rosemond) Most believe that for any problem there is a right method or technique to solve it. Are your children misbehaving? Just get a good parenting book. Need advice on how to discipline your children? A quick Google search is sure to yield numerous blog posts and videos on parenting. Sift through all the parenting techniques available, and choose a method that is appropriate for your child’s age, the... READ MORE

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