Creating Child-Raising Circumstances: 3 More Insights from the Aspinall’s Parenting Class

(based on Work with Author and Psychologist, John Rosemond) “Dear Abby”--opens the letter written by the stressed parent in the advice column. “We’ve tried everything, but our child’s behavior just won’t change.” So, Abby suggests a new parenting strategy, and we imagine a halo-crowned child and relieved parent living happily ever after. But when the [...]

Parent-leadership: 3 Insights from the Aspinalls’ Parenting Class

(based on Work from Author and Psychologist, John Rosemond) Most believe that for any problem there is a right method or technique to solve it. Are your children misbehaving? Just get a good parenting book. Need advice on how to discipline your children? A quick Google search is sure to yield numerous blog posts and videos [...]