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A Bedtime Story for Parents

A Bedtime Story for Parents

May 24th, 2014
Several years ago, in the hurried hour before young families leave for school, a parent accidentally tipped her large, scalding mug of green tea down her four-year-old daughter’s back.  They spent the next two days in the hospital, treating a painful third degree burn that would eventually heal without scarring. When she returned to school after her stay in the hospital, Mary proudly displayed the bandages wrapped around her torso.  She told her friends how... READ MORE
Why Children Lie

Why Children Lie

May 22nd, 2014
Our Daughter The summer our daughter turned three, she made her first frienemy.  They had too much in common, too much time together and, I now realize, a fascination with manipulation. One bad day on the preschool playground, she said, her bossy friend told her they could play house or police.  If they played house, our mature daughter had to be the baby.  If they played police, our innocent daughter would have to go to... READ MORE
Considering Grit in Parenting

Considering Grit in Parenting

May 21st, 2014
The year I was born John Wayne accepted his only Academy Award, for his role in the blockbuster True Grit.  Tough guys were cool in 1969.  The little boys I played with in our neighborhood spent a lot of time imitating John Wayne, running through backyards wearing cowboy hats and slinging pistols.  We pretended our banana bikes were horses.  Jump ropes were rattlesnakes lurking in the bushes beside the driveway.  Teachers did not worry... READ MORE

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