3 Educational Myths of Halloween-like Proportion

It’s that time of year when conscientious parents carefully check their children’s candy after returning from trick-or-treating. We even remember our parents scrutinizing the popcorn balls, unwrapping the butterscotches, and pulling apart the taffy--while we impatiently waited to dive into the spoils of our childhood trick-or-treating. Think about how widespread “Halloween Parenting" changed because of the [...]

A Truth Not So Charming

Imagine our academically brightest young people who attend world class universities. They’ve reached the zenith of their toilsome years of scholastic achievement, and now they enjoy the distinction of being students at Harvard, Yale, and MIT! What We Have Realized Now imagine that some of our best and brightest are clueless about how to greet [...]

Toward a More Robust Online Community

Dear Countryside Community,   A more robust, interactive, online community is not an end in itself, but rather is a means to extending the influence of the CDS community that already exists. And it’s pretty easy to cultivate. Posts on Events When we post a review of a key event at CDS, families who attended [...]