Ordinary Genius

A genius possesses rare talents of the mind and heart.  They are usually awkward introverts, strange, muttering fellows who boil vast quantities of complex information down to one useful truth.  Stephen Hawking nestled the universe into a nutshell.  Charles Darwin explained the evolution of all life through the wizened smile of a tortoise.  Jonas Salk [...]

Four Red Flags

Some parents will immediately find the four red flags useful and funny, those for whom the habits of the naughty child are already familiar. We know when our family train has run off the rails.  Reading the short list brings a brief pause, a “yes, indeed” deep breath.  We think of the children we love. [...]

Faith in a Child

In the months before our spring wedding, my love and I camped, hiked or backpacked every weekend, most often on the southern branches of the Appalachian Trail.  Old trails led us to unexpected vistas, miles passed, sunlight faded, time stood still. Surprised by love, we needed that time to imagine our life together.   One [...]