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Why Do the Elementary Students Love Coming to School?

November 19th, 2014
The Countryside elementary program practices many of the "Big Shifts in Education" that Pat Bassett speaks about at many independent schools across the country.   A move from Knowing to Doing is one of the most critical big shifts. As Pat mentioned during his presentation, there is a time and a place to deliver information in the traditional top down, teacher-centered manner. But if teachers deliver knowledge with a chalk-and-talk method most of the day, students are not going to be... READ MORE

Join us on Tues., 1/13, for a Prospective Parent Class!

November 19th, 2014
Join Head of School Wendy Calise on Tuesday, January 13th for this talk and Q&A covering the mission of CDS, how we implement it, and how CDS families can expect to bring it home. Countryside Montessori serves children from 18 months to 8th grade Topic: The Countryside Community Time: Tues., 01/13, 6:00-6:45 PM To RSVP, call 847-498-1105 ... READ MORE

The New Aspinall’s Parenting Class

November 14th, 2014
Hey! Did you Know... that Jim and Michele Aspinall are gearing up for a new series of Parenting Classes that are going to begin this January?   Over the weekend, the Aspinalls attended John Rosemond's latest parenting conference. Rosemond, renowned parenting expert, author, and speaker provided invaluable guidance to reinforce what essentially has always been the parenting philosophy of the Countryside community--the importance of parents re-claiming a leadership role in the raising of their children.... READ MORE

Grades, What Good are They Anyway?

November 7th, 2014
Position Statement on Grades Elementary School: Grades 1 - 6 During the elementary years, CDS does not use a grading system. For the budding student, grading is the surest way to diminish inspiration and retard the development of self-assessment. Evidence of this effect can be found in the well-sourced book, Drive, by Daniel Pink. The joy for CDS children is in the learning itself. They are working and acquiring knowledge because they are excited by the... READ MORE

“Blah, Blah, Blah, Ginger” vs. Intentional Parenting

November 7th, 2014
How we love to talk! We especially love to talk to our children. But, what are we saying? And what are our children hearing? Lots of Talk We've heard the embarrassed parent in the supermarket threaten to leave the screaming child at the store, or never to bring her again. Or, worse yet, after arguing and refusing to buy some item at the checkout, the parent yields to the pressure of the tantrum and buys... READ MORE

Join Us for an Open House!

November 5th, 2014
Wednesday, January 21st RSVP to Find out the Open House Time Building Character, Pre-K through 8th Grade What if your child loved school? Hard to imagine? You don't have to imagine. See for yourself at our next Open House. RSVP to find out the Open House time: ... READ MORE

Countryside Programs

We offer a continuous program from 16 months through 8th grade — inculding an all year program option for Pre-K/K and elementary school. LEARN MORE

TODDLER — Ages 16 mos.-3yrs

PRE-K/K — Ages 3-6

LOWER ELEMENTARY — Ages 6-9, Grades 1-3

UPPER ELEMENTARY — Ages 9-12, Grades 4-6

MIDDLE SCHOOL — Ages 12-14, Grades 7-8

SUMMER PROGRAMS — Ages 16 mos.-12 yrs., Toddler-Grade 6

ALL YEAR FULL DAY — Ages 3-12, Grades Pre-K/K-Grade 6