Hey! Did you Know…

that Jim and Michele Aspinall are gearing up for a new series of Parenting Classes that are going to begin this January?


Over the weekend, the Aspinalls attended John Rosemond‘s latest parenting conference. Rosemond, renowned parenting expert, author, and speaker provided invaluable guidance to reinforce what essentially has always been the parenting philosophy of the Countryside community–the importance of parents re-claiming a leadership role in the raising of their children.


“It’s become counter-cultural,” said the Aspinalls, “to expect a child to defer to the parent’s leadership. Rather, we’ve become accustomed to the parent deferring to the child.” Contemporary parenting has gotten way off track.


“And when parents do attempt to take a leadership role, they often allow their child’s distress of the discipline or consequences to make them second-guess their own parenting decisions,” they observe.


The great benefit of starting these parenting classes again is reinforcing good parenting practices on a community level. It’s so easy for parents who do want to take a leadership role to feel alone in the contemporary parenting landscape–surrounding yourself with other parents who are on the same parenting page, as it were.
Keep your ears open for a start date this January!