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The CDS Team includes internationally recognized, innovative teachers who combine strong teaching skills with specialty expertise and a highly motivated, skilled staff that tenaciously strives for excellence.

Struggle Makes us Smarter

Struggle Makes us Smart: An Encouraging Challenge to Typical Parenting Parents want what’s best for their children, and this instinct can often drive us to ensure that our children never have to struggle, exert effort, or even fail in the face of adversity. However, in Forbes (12/2013, p. 46), Rich Karlgaard links struggle to the [...]

4 Things a Neuropsychologist says about Montessori

4 Takeaways from a Neuroscientist's Perspective on Montessori We've extracted some interesting quotes from Dr. Hughes about how the Montessori method is strikingly aligned with what neuroscientists know about brain development. Disclaimer:  While Dr. Hughes is not a Montessori practitioner, he is uniquely positioned to have an opinion on Montessori. You can read the full [...]

TOILETING: It doesn’t have to be so hard

When to do it You can start the process of your child gaining Toilet Awareness from birth. This is possible by: Giving your child a rich language environment and consistently naming body parts, bodily functions, etc. Providing opportunities to sit on a potty chair once sitting independently. Using cloth diapers and underpants. By walking age (around [...]

CDS alumna stands out

Listen to the mother of a former CDS student tell this story... Over the summer [she] and another Beacon student flew to China to work with special needs orphans for 3 weeks.  After day 2, the other student needed to return home, and [she] stayed with the program. [She] made a pretty special and memorable connection when she [...]

Jordan West

Interview of Jordan West CDS Alumni 6th Grade Class of 2008 We feel that one of the most meaningful ways for you to know about the outcomes of a CDS education is to hear it from our graduates themselves. As we interviewed CDS alumni, we observed 5 prominent themes from their outcomes: What are our graduates doing [...]

Some Takeaways and Parent Feedback from John Rosemond’s Talk

Takeaways from John's Rosemond's Talk Parenting must be done with a balance of love and leadership. If the parenting approach is disproportionately love, it becomes enabling. If the approach is disproportionately leadership, it becomes abusive. Have a long-term (as opposed to short-sighted) vision of the adult you want your child to be. What kind of 30 year [...]