While our approach is quite different than traditional school, we understand the pressure to “achieve academically.” Our students do exceptionally well as they transition to high school and score competitively on all standardized tests. We ensure they are still learning the core curriculum taught by our public school counterparts. Our Faculty take public school curriculum into account and incorporate subject and content areas when appropriate.

• Students also take national standardized tests twice a year 4th- 8th grades to ensure they are hitting benchmarks and gain test taking experience.

• In addition, Countryside’s experienced teachers are cognizant of benchmarks for every grade level, and they are constantly assessing student learning in informal ways. Because work with students is always in small groups, teachers are immediately aware of students who are struggling to understand concepts and can respond promptly. Conferences are held twice per year. At the conferences, our teachers clearly articulate a student’s performance in the context of grade level benchmarks. If students are not reaching these benchmarks, parents are made aware of the particular struggle and what interventions are being implemented. Teachers also inform parents of areas of higher achievement.