All Countryside teachers have completed teacher training from the Association Montessori Internationale for the level of students they teach. This training offers a complete complement of content in the curriculum areas which are then taught in a manner that has been found to most effectively help students learn, including:

• Hands on materials

• Student choice throughout the day

• Short periods of direct instruction followed by collaborative and individual work

• Constructive creation of content rather than regurgitation, lessons that present questions and challenges rather than content
and answers

• Comparatively minimal homework

Countryside is not trying to re-create public school curriculum. That is already available at the local public schools. That being said, faculty continuously review curriculum based on various areas of input including public curriculum, standardized testing, and internal assessments. Teachers always feel that they can continue to improve their teaching and revise curriculum content. This often results in teachers attending workshops and then revising curriculum or teaching approaches accordingly.