Takeaways from John’s Rosemond’s Talk

  • Parenting must be done with a balance of love and leadership. If the parenting approach is disproportionately love, it becomes enabling. If the approach is disproportionately leadership, it becomes abusive.
  • Have a long-term (as opposed to short-sighted) vision of the adult you want your child to be. What kind of 30 year old do you want to raise? What is your mission statement for your child? Not a statement only about academics and achievement; but a statement about your child’s character traits: responsible, compassionate, charitable, honest, trustworthy.
  • How to motivate your child? It’s simple: Properly occupy your authority. This leads to two outcomes/”natural responses”: 1) your child(ren) will obey you; and 2) your child(ren) will do their best.
  • Parenting is not only about your child behaving correctly, but it is also about your child thinking correctly. They should be taught a moral/ethical system that forms a context for understanding “why” I should behave this way. Simply aiming for behavior makes a child manipulative, just going through the motions to get what he/she wants. Simply teach them to think properly & control their own emotions.

Feedback from CDS Parents

Wanted to thank you for hosting John Rosemond last week. We had a great time, laughed a lot, and were able to take a close look in the mirror regarding our parenting techniques. We’ve put what we’ve learned in to practice and have noticed immediate improvements in ourselves and in [our child’s] behavior as a result.
Thank you for proving once again that CDS is committed to partnering with us in our parenting journey.
– Elementary Parent

I came in into the session thinking – I got all I need from the Aspinalls and this is going to be somewhat the same message but it will be nice to see him in person.  By the way, the Aspinalls really helped us a lot.  We are so much better of especially with [our children]. But this night was amazing!  I realized that I still have a lot more to do… Again thank you so much, this in my opinion is priceless and the reason why I continue to be impressed and appreciate CDS.
– Elementary and AYM Parent

Thank you for arranging the session with John. We are fortunate to be part of a school where we can benefit from such amazing events. Truly a privilege! The session itself was very enlightening. John made so many simple points that just made so much sense… We have lost the authority that naturally came to our parents. We used to be scared of our parents. [Our child] definitely is not!… Michele has given us a good foundation but we need to seriously commit to having obedient children… Once again, thank you for arranging this.
– Elementary and Toddler Parent

It was a great talk – actually it was very empowering for women – being on the stricter side myself, I have to be very vigilant to guard against creeping guilt whenever [our child] astutely piles on the guilt every now and then about how I am too strict and am heartless etc etc. Having John present evidence that this is what we ought to be doing for our kids’ welfare was just huge. Thank you [Wendy] for continuing to help reinforce the message – it is much needed 🙂 … thanks for your visible and obvious commitment to families
– Elementary Parent