General Counsel, Donlen, Northbrook, IL

Unlike most Montessori families, my daughter transitioned into Montessori when she was already in second grade. Although the public school in my area is considered exceptional, it was clearly not nurturing my daughter’s innate desire to learn or cultivating her natural abilities. In addition, the public school was not addressing my daughter’s social and emotional needs.

Countryside Montessori has made a profound difference to my daughter as a person and a learner. She has thrived in the stimulating, individualized and sensory learning environment that has awakened her love of learning and ability to learn. Since being part of the Countryside Montessori learning community, my daughter’s progress has transcended even my most optimistic of hopes. Countryside Montessori also offers a positive social and emotional community that provides my daughter with a safe place to learn. It has been a profound privilege to be part of this vibrant community and I am eternally grateful to have found such a special place for my daughter.