Toddler: 1:5

Pre-K/K: 1:15

Elementary: 1:15

Middle School 1:20

These ratios, however, are not the most important question. It is actually the teaching ratio that is what defines the CDS Experience. During the Early Childhood years, teachers are giving direct instruction almost always in a 1 to 1 ratio. At the Elementary level, teachers are giving direct instruction to in groups most often in groups of 1 to 6-8. At Middle School, direct instruction can be 1 to 15 but oftentimes is in smaller groups. Teachers are rarely trying to teach the entire class at the same time. While a teacher is teaching, the rest of the students are diligently working on concepts that they have been introduced to but have not yet mastered. This approach allows students to follow interests and work on concepts when they feel most excited about them. It also allows teachers to be constantly assessing student mastery in informal ways.