The classroom environments at CDS inspire students not just to learn — but rather to love learning. The teachers are passionate which infects the students with interest. Curriculum is not pre-determined day to day, so students are allowed to explore their interests in real time, not three hours later in their bedrooms at their desks (when their interest is long gone and their thoughts are distracted by the many other things they would rather be doing).

The students at CDS are granted the freedom to work on the subjects that inspire them at the time that inspiration is born. Their interests are peaked by the many different works going on around them in the classroom. The joy of collaborative work is irresistible. With this, there is no limit to what they can learn.

Students do receive minimal amounts of homework starting in the Elementary Program. It increases as the students get older. But even in the Middle School Program there is seldom hours of homework on any given evening. Students are not just listening to direct instruction during the course of their day. They are also working on the concepts they have been introduced to, so the need to bring home much of the work is eliminated.