#4 – Teach your child to put toys away

How is this related to preschool readiness? Once you glance at the below list of what’s expected of a 3-year old at Countryside, you’ll soon appreciate this next step as a BIG one in the right direction.

Putting Away Toys Gives a Sense of Order and Respect

It is important for children to have order in their life. Teaching your child to put away his or her toys is a very simple way to help start this process. It will also allow him/her to be able to begin to start the critical thinking process. It will help your child to begin to be independent. He will be able to find the toy he/she wants because he will know exactly where to find it. It also tells them that their home is a place to be respected. Putting away toys not only shows respect for the toys and the home, but also creates a sense of order within the child. It helps the child to understand responsibility for himself, his things, and his environment.

It will be more of a challenge to teach your child to put away her belongings if the floor is customarily carpeted with a sea of scattered toys. So, make it a rule not to have too many toys out at one time. Your child is successful when they have limits that support success. The adult must demonstrate how to put toys away so the child will first know how. Then, follow through and be consistent; never move on or let your child abandon the toys until they are put away.


Set Limits that Support Success


The Child’s Responsibilities in the Classroom and at Home

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