#7 – Allow Your Child to Figure Some Things out on his/her Own

The most powerful/impactful learning experience is you discovering something by doing it yourself.

Humans are Wired for It

Allowing time for your child to figure challenges out is vital in becoming resourceful and in developing critical thinking skills, independence, problem solving and self initiative. The reasoning mind is unique to human beings. When we allow and encourage our children to figure things out for themselves, we are helping them to develop the ability to reason, concentrate, learn from the mistakes they make, pay attention to details, and interact with others.

Frustration: The Best, Free Teaching Resource

Children must have a chance to make mistakes in order to become better at a task. A little frustration is to be expected, but when success is eventually achieved it is monumental for the child. Perseverance is a developed skill for most and one which only serves us well in every situation.


When Your Child is Uncomfortable

Becoming “resourceful” means allowing your children to tough it out, or in most cases, for you to be comfortable with your child being uncomfortable. In order for children to become resourceful parents need to be prepared to step back and offer support (from afar) to their children while they persevere, fail at times and work through problems standing on their own two feet.

Provide opportunities that offer challenges and obstacles. Without these experiences at an early age, children will ultimately be dependent on others to pull all the weight and could develop a very low tolerance for frustration.