Linda Horwitz Parent Testimonial

Northbrook, IL

Co-Owner, Be.Ology

Our daughter, Madison (Maddi), is in 8th grade at CDS.  Maddi had been in the public school setting until 7th grade.  She and our family made the incredibly difficult decision to move her and give her one year of the Montessori experience. As Maddi was getting closer to high school, we really felt that she would benefit from experiencing a year of school that embraces the idea that there are many ways to learn-not just one.  We are so glad that Maddi had the courage to make the change and that CDS was open and accepting to it.
This year for Maddi has been EXCEPTIONAL! Yes, Maddi has benefitted greatly academically as she continues to learn all about her strengths and learning styles, as well as using strategies to work through challenges.  We couldn’t be been more thrilled watching the development of her personal character.
She is more courageous, independent, motivated and open to problem solving.  The bottom line is that she is beginning to truly believe in herself… which really is the foundation of being a successful learner and community member. The beginning to a wonderful Montessori success story and what a great way to head off to high school! Kudos to the CDS staff and a special congratulations to Maddi… we are so proud!!!!

– Linda Horwitz

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