Due to popular demand, Michele and Jim Aspinall are bringing back the Leadership Parenting class!

The Aspinalls will provide invaluable guidance to reinforce what essentially has always been the parenting philosophy of the Countryside community–the importance of parents re-claiming a leadership role in the raising of their children.

“It’s become counter-cultural,” said the Aspinalls, “to expect a child to defer to the parent’s leadership. Rather, we’ve become accustomed to the parent deferring to the child. Contemporary parenting has gotten way off track. And when parents do attempt to take a leadership role, they often allow their child’s distress of the discipline or consequences to make them second-guess their own parenting decisions.”

Michele and Jim Aspinall will again offer tips to assist you in the restoration of old-fashioned parenting and family values. They will provide you with the tools and inspiration you need to grow responsible, emotionally resilient children. Furthermore, share with you how discipline is implemented here at school. Good Character is learned in the home first and foremost. The three Rs of good citizenship – Respect, Responsibility and Resourcefulness are the bedrock of good character. Hearing NO on a regular basis helps children learn to postpone gratification, tolerate frustration, and set long-term goals, all necessary attributes of good citizenship. Children who learn these lessons early on are typically the most successful in school and throughout life.

Toddler through Middle School parents’ welcome! Sign up directly on the school calendar, first one is September 23.

* Pick up a copy of A Family of Value by John Rosemond as a resource during the two sessions if you’d like a jump start!