How is Montessori different from traditional preschool? A child in a traditional preschool classroom is exposed to a standardized curriculum; learning is often teacher-centered and play-based; student activity is typically confined to desks and chairs. In a Montessori setting, your child is exposed to a greater variety of hands-on educational materials designed to teach concepts in all academic areas; learning is not limited by schedule, class grouping, or teacher assumptions; rather, students are encouraged to go as far as they are able through different academic areas. Your child becomes a free explorer of knowledge, going further and deeper than children constrained by traditional methods.

The results? Countryside Montessori students write cursive by 4 years old. They read by 5 years old (some can even read chapter books by this age). And most importantly, the children become inquisitive, insatiable seekers of knowledge. Countryside students do not grow up “learning” that school is boring. CDS students actually love school.

It’s Like a Row of Candles versus a Controlled Wildfire

Do you want your child’s learning environment arranged in neat rows, bound to pre-set standards, and centered on teacher-delivered content? This traditional preschool environment is like a row of candles. Limited by design. Conventional. Predictable.

Or do you want your child to be in an environment where learning is like a controlled wildfire? One child’s learning ignites another. Mastery of a wider array of topics and skills spreads rapidly. And it’s all driven by your child’s passion and curiosity. Unlimited.

Between the ages of two to six is when most of your child’s intelligence and social characteristics are formed. This is also when your child is most receptive, curious, and excited about exploring the world around him or her. 

mont diff preschool 3

So, do you want your child’s classroom arranged in a way that makes it easy for schools to manage large groups of children? Or do you want classrooms that are arranged with materials designed to spark curiosity and exploration in the various stages of your child’s development?

Do you want preschool teachers who go through their day trying to fill the passing hours with play activities just to keep your child occupied? Or do you want teachers who use every moment to inspire learning by using methods that are based on child development?

Give your Child the Countryside Experience

Countryside’s classrooms nurture your child’s excitement and curiosity by offering a variety of materials to stimulate and intrigue your child. Our teachers are trained to recognize when a child is ready to learn a new skill, and to foster his or her natural instincts and abilities. Your child is valued as an independent thinker, and encouraged to make choices on his own. Countryside Montessori teachers are trained by AMI to provide students of all ages with information in a way they can understand it and enjoy it: Learning is fun, empowering, and custom-fit to suit your child’s individual learning style.