By the Time Your Child’s Two

By the time the child is 2 years old he should already have experience caring for himself and his environment in many ways:

– Feeding himself with utensils

– Washing his own hands and face

– Brushing teeth

– Getting and putting away his own jacket

– Participating in the process of dressing himself

– Pouring drinks from a small pitcher

– Choosing his own clothes from a limited selection

– Folding clothes with mom or dad

– Using the toilet

– Putting away his own toys

– Assisting in the preparation of family meals

– Setting the table for meals

– Helping with yard work (raking, weeding, watering)

– Watering houseplants

– Cleaning the dinner table

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CDS students take Standardized Achievement Tests several times per year and score competitively with similar peers on the North Shore. And yet our emphasis is not on test taking: We are an academically rigorous program fortified by a commitment to character growth.

The Measure of Academic Progress Test

MAP Test (Measures of Academic Progress created by Northwest Evaluation Association) Score Comparison Graphs
School Year: 2014-2015. Download the full PDF report here.

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