Testimonials of Tom and Andrea Hawes about CDS

Wilmette, IL

Managing Director, Sandbox Industries

 We struggled with the decision to move our children from our local public school to a more dynamic setting. While our public school did an excellent job in many respects, we felt that our children were not realizing their full potential in the conventional academic setting. We wanted our children to have a more active role in making decisions about their education and be part of a smaller-school community. We wanted them to take ownership of their academic experience, foster an excitement for learning, and develop a sense of responsibility. Now that our kids have been at CDS for seven months, we feel confident that we made the right decision.

  • They are eager and excited to learn.
  • They have developed greater self-confidence.
  • School has become a joy for them!

In addition, much progress has been made in developing respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness in our children; all qualities that will serve them well throughout their lives.

– Andrea and Tom Hawes